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Golden Opportunity for Canny Investors

It doesn’t require a fortune in the bank to take advantage of fluctuating gold markets.

Gold coin

Lot 640, a Victorian Indian gold mohur, 1862, estimate €320-€350

With the present uncertainty in the markets over Brexit and the US Presidential election, many investors are buying precious metals such as gold or silver as a safe haven for their money. The Eclectic Collector Auction at  Whyte’s on 17th September offers over 100 different gold coins, including Krugerrands, sovereigns, US Double Eagles, Canadian Maple Leaves. Less familiar coins include a Dominican Republic Trujillo thirty pesos, Turkish five hundred kurush, Peruvian one libra, Indian mohur and Persian pahlavi. The coins will sell at bullion or slightly above and with estimates of €80 to €1,200 these lots offer a golden opportunity for the small investor. View the Eclectic Collector catalogue here.


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