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Eclectic Collector auction on-line now


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Important Irish Art at Whyte’s on 27 November



Whyte’s Important Irish Art auction goes on view Saturday to Monday 25-27 November at the RDS Ballsbridge and includes a stellar selection by Ireland’s most sought-after artists. Among the highlights of the winter sale is a significant collection of 8 works by the late Basil Blackshaw. Varying in guide price from €2,000-€3,000 [lot 74, Jet] to €50,000-€70,000 [lot 69, Grey Horse in a Stable] this body of work offers all budgets an opportunity to acquire an example by the County Antrim native. Included in the catalogue is an insightful essay on the collection by author and dramatist Brian McAvera whose musings on the paintings, coupled with his knowledge of the artist and his place in the history of art, presents bidders with a greater understanding of the pictures that catch their eye. The dynamic Horses Exercising [illustrated, lot 68, €30,000-€40,000] graces the cover of the auction catalogue and is described by McAvera as “… reminiscent of Yeats…a remarkably powerful depiction of movement and energy”. It sports an excellent provenance, having been acquired directly from the artist by the present owner, and demonstrates Blackshaw’s innate understanding of an animal with which his name has become synonymous.




Lot 66 (illustrated), Peony, 1991 by Louis le Brocquy guides €35,000-€45,000 and depicts the last blossoming of the flower grown by the artist’s wife Anne and painted in homage to her. It was inspired by the work of French artist Édouard Manet, whose work le Brocquy had viewed in Paris in 1938. The painting delights on several levels, for its expression of love, its personal significance to the artist as well as its mesmerising painterliness. An accompanying catalogue entry by the artist’s friend and former Abbot of Glenstal, Dom Mark Patrick Hederman explores the significance of the work and its history. A beautiful early work on paper by le Brocquy [lot 37, €6,000-€8,000] guides at a more affordable level for an original artwork and depicts a Flower Seller, Ann Street, Dublin in Christmas Eve, 1944. Two beautiful examples in bronze by the artist’s sister, Melanie le Brocquy, are also included in this sale, lots 63 & 64 guiding €2,000-€3,000 each.
A striking example by Daniel O’Neill entitled Girls and Dogs is offered as lot 50 [€25,000-€35,000] and is beautifully preserved and presented in its original hand carved Waddington Gallery frame. The painting has not been seen publicly since it was acquired by the present owner’s parents from the Waddington Gallery. The size, subject and original presentation of this outstanding example by O’Neill is sure to appeal to collectors of this artist who are drawn to his enigmatic depiction of his subjects and expressionistic use of colour.



The top lot by value in the November auction is Evening, Montreux by Sir John Lavery [lot 20, illustrated left, €80,000-€100,000] depicting Lake of Geneva with the twinkling lights of the town off to the left. The Laverys were keen visitors to the ‘Swiss Riviera’ and in December 1923 they arrived in Montreux where they stayed at the Palace Hotel. The exceptional character of the setting capitvated the artist who, liberated from the studio, would ignore medical advice and trek to Caux to paint what he described as ‘the airman’s view’ above the clouds. Clouds are the principal characters in Paul Henry’s painting of the West of Ireland, which, like Lavery, see nature dominate the majority of the composition. Two examples by Henry are included in the sale Coomasaharn, County Kerry, 1930-1935 [lot 11, illustrated right,  €50,000-€70,000] and an earlier work, thought to depict a view from Rosroe, County Mayo, lot 14, €50,000-€60,000.


Another artist to draw on the West of Ireland for inspiration was Gerard Dillon and there are several examples by him in this sale. The star lot by value, however, takes inspiration from the artist’s time spent in Italy in the summer of 1947. This masterpiece – Italian with Fowl, 1948 [lot 41, illustrated, €50,000-€70,000] – was painted the following year and exhibited in 1949 at the prestigious Irish Exhibition of Living Art in Dublin. A later work, Holy Island [lot 46, €30,000-€50,000] brings together Dillon’s favourite themes – the West and Celtic relief sculpture – with the technical innovation of adding sand to oil paint that he developed during the late 1950s.  This work was loaned by the present owner to the important exhibition,  ‘Gerard Dillon, Painter, Dreamer, Clown’, at the Ulster Museum, Belfast last year.


A view of The Dodder in Flood, Ballsbridge, Dublin, 1929 by Jack B. Yeats [lot 24, illustrated, €30,000-€40,000] is a powerful work which compacts the crushing flow of the river into a punchy oil sure to attract buyers from this salubrious area of the capital. Although the palette is composed predominately of blacks and greys, close examination reveals, like most Yeats’, a vibrant and colourful underbelly where reds, pinks, yellows and blues peek through the licks and scrapes shaped on the board.
Other famous artists represented in the auction are William John Leech with St. Giles, Holburn, from Charing Cross Road, London [lot 19, illustrated €9,000-€12,000] which exudes light and warmth through Leech’s masterful use of colour. Traditional landscapes by Percy French, Frank McKelvey, Maurice Canning Wilks, George Gillespie and Charles Lamb will satisfy those keen on quality pastoral scenes while Aloysius C. O’Kelly explores North African terrain in his painting Desert Charge. Contemporaries Arthur Armstrong, George Campbell, Basil Rákóczi and Kenneth Hall all feature with works in oil and watercolour. Other names to watch out for include Barrie Cooke, Tony O’Malley, Felim Egan, William Scott and works from the estate of Robert Taylor Carson among many others.
All the artworks are on display with full descriptions and many interesting notes from art experts at
This fabulous auction – comprising over 180 works of art – will be on view at the RDS Anglesea Road entrance, Ballsbridge, Saturday to Monday, 25-27 November 2017, 10am to 6pm daily; admission and parking is free. The auction will be broadcast live on the internet at,,, and; collectors around the world can bid live from their computers, smart TV’s, mobile phones or android devices.

Enquiries to Adelle Hughes  or Peter Whyte at 01 676 2888 or


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A treasure trove for art collectors awaits at Whyte’s in their autumn auction on Monday 23 October at 6pm. The sale comprises 270 lots with guides from as low as €100 and all the well-known names one would expect to see in the major art sales.

Viewing opens this Wednesday to Friday 18-20 October and Saturday 21 October 1-5pm. Viewing will also be possible Monday 23 October – day of sale  – 10am to 5pm all at Whyte’s Galleries, 38 Molesworth Street, Dublin.


Among the artworks on offer are unique items from the Estate of Judge Desmond Windle – a portion of which already sold with excellent results in Whyte’s sale at the beginning of the month – as well as a further selection from the seemingly never ending collection from the Estate of renowned collectors George & Maura McClelland.


Shrewd buyers will see value in the various “job lots” of unframed items such as lots 39 to 47 all by Daniel O’Neill. These comprise works on paper – acquired by the McClellands – including portraits, landscapes and some sketches for oil paintings. Suitably framed, these examples will make a wonderful addition to an established collection or represent a judicious early purchase for the novice buyer, not to mention great gifts for art buffs.




Not all examples in this sale are small in scale. There are sizeable examples too including a wonderful batik by Bernadette Madden, some large works in oil by Edward Delaney, Malcolm Bennett and Trevor Geoghegan and substantial watercolours by Martin Gale and Barrie Cooke. Can’t afford a painting by a famous artist? Buy a limited edition print! Paul Henry, L.S. Lowry, Jack B. Yeats, Elizabeth Rivers, John Luke, William Orpen, Dame Elizabeth Frink, Micheal Farrell, Robert Ballagh, Louis le Brocquy and the Cuala Press all feature with wonderful examples.



Not chasing the big names but looking for attractive artworks to decorate your walls? There are a variety of lots comprising beautiful watercolours and oils by Irish and English artists of the 19th and 20th century some identified and others not. For those with a period home for example lots 237 to 243 will prove excellent value for money while lots 261 to 270 offer fantastic value on art books to grace the coffee table or reference shelves.



Buyers with a little imagination will also see value in the variety and quality of works by William Mason and Patrick Leonard in particular. Charming pastels of landscapes and cityscapes by Mason [lots 143-163] and fabulous studies of female fashions of the 1950s by Leonard are among the best [lots 165-180]. These works – suitably framed – offer superb value for money and a rare chance to acquire such pieces at extremely affordable guides.


A small selection of sculpture is offered including unique woodcarvings by Markey Robinson [lots 112-117] and a Carrara marble sculpture of a polar bear from the 1930s by George Frederick Morris Harding – an example of the same subject by him can be found in Queen’s University in Belfast.


Other names to watch out for include: Pauline Bewick, Basil Blackshaw, Brian Bourke, Elizabeth Brophy, William Conor, George Gillespie, Mainie Jellett, Gladys Maccabe, Seán McSweeney, Hughie O’Donoghue and Tory Island artists Patsy Dan & Ruairí Rodgers

Viewing opens this Wednesday to Friday 18-20 October and Saturday 21 October 1-5pm. Viewing will also be possible Monday 23 October – day of sale  – 10am to 5pm all at Whyte’s Galleries, 38 Molesworth Street, Dublin. The auction commences at 6pm on Monday 23 October at The Freemasons Hall, Molesworth Street.

Live bidding on-line is available at – click on the BID LIVE link



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Great results at Whyte’s art auction


A large turnout of over 100 room bidders competed with over 50 telephone bidders and over 150 internet bidders.  The total sold was €1.2 million and 83% of lots found buyers. 15% of lots, totalling €125,000 were sold to Internet buyers.

The following are a few of the better results: (hammer price excluding Buyer’s Premium of 20% plus VAT)

6_16, Frank McKelvey RHA RUA (1895-1974) BOYS FISHING, (Estimate: €5000-€7000), €11,500, sold to the trade, County Down

17_117, William John Leech RHA ROI (1881-1968) BOWL OF FRUIT c.1944, (Estimate: €12000-€15000), €22,000, sold to a collector, County Dublin

19_119, Patrick Leonard HRHA (1918-2005) A HOT DAY IN RUSH, COUNTY DUBLIN, (Estimate: €8000-€10000), €18,000, sold to a collector, County Dublin

26, Gerard Dillon (1916-1971) NATIVITY, (Estimate: €20000-€30000), €19,000, sold to a collector, USA

27, Colin Middleton MBE RHA (1910-1983) CHILDREN AT PLAY, 1939, (Estimate: €30000-€50000), €29,000, sold to a collector, USA

40, Markey Robinson (1918-1999) THE TINKERS’ CAMP, (Estimate: €5000-€7000), €11,000, sold to the trade, Dublin

46, Louis le Brocquy HRHA (1916-2012) SEASIDE FAIRGROUND, BRAY HEAD, 1949, (Estimate: €6000-€8000), €10,000, sold to a collector, Dublin

47_147, Louis le Brocquy HRHA (1916-2012) TRAVELLERS, 1948, (Estimate: €60000-€80000), €58,000, sold to a collector, County Dublin

50, Frederick Edward McWilliam RA HRUA (1909-1992) MATRIARCH, 1935, (Estimate: €100000-€150000), €90,000, sold to a collector, London

53, Tony O’Malley HRHA (1913-2003) MORNING LIGHT II, PARADISE ISLAND, BAHAMAS, 1982, (Estimate: €30000-€50000), €30,000, sold to a collector, London

55, Tony O’Malley HRHA (1913-2003) MORNING LIGHT, PARADISE ISLAND, BAHAMAS, 1980, (Estimate: €15000-€20000), €26,000, sold to a collector, Belfast

57, Tony O’Malley HRHA (1913-2003) THE NIGHT PAINTER, 1981, (Estimate: €12000-€15000), €14,000, sold to a collector, London

58, Tony O’Malley HRHA (1913-2003) THE GROVE STUDIO, 1983, (Estimate: €8000-€10000), €10,000, sold to a collector, Dublin

77_177, Dame Lucie Rie (Austrian/British 1902-1995) FOOTED BOWL, c.1980, (Estimate: €10000-€15000), €30,000, sold to a collector, Channel Islands

78, Dame Lucie Rie (1902-1995) PORCELAIN BOTTLE, c.1960, (Estimate: €10000-€15000), €20,000, sold to a collector, Channel Islands

81, Walter Frederick Osborne RHA ROI (1859-1903) GIRL FEEDING CALVES, (Estimate: €18000-€22000), €17,000, sold to a collector, Dublin

87, Jack Butler Yeats RHA (1871-1957) FIGURES GATHERED c.1904-06, (Estimate: €8000-€12000), €17,000, sold to a collector, Canada

89, Harry Kernoff RHA (1900-1974) THE METRO, PARIS, 1931, (Estimate: €15000-€20000), €18,000, sold to a collector, County Dublin

92, Paul Henry RHA (1876-1958) TURF TO MEND THE FIRE, (Estimate: €12000-€15000), €12,500, sold to a collector, Dublin

95_195, Jack Butler Yeats RHA (1871-1957) SINGING ‘UNDER THE CANOPY OF HEAVEN’, 1950, (Estimate: €90000-€120000), €85,000, sold to a collector, London

98, Daniel O’Neill (1920-1974) FIGURE IN A LANDSCAPE, (Estimate: €30000-€40000), €45,000, sold to a collector, Dublin

116, William Crozier HRHA (1930-2011) WINTER GROWTH, 1995, (Estimate: €7000-€9000), €10,000, sold to a collector, Dublin

For the full results click here

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Eclectic Collector report in Irish Times


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Will your granny’s teapot fetch millions?

A  Qianlong Dynasty porcelain teapot sold this week by Sotheby’s of New York for $3.5 million, which was coveted by over 10 bidders, is one of only two known and is an ode to Emperor Qianlong’s adoration of tea.

The Irish Times reports that a Chinese teapot fetched $3.5 million this week and Ian Whyte compares the present Chinese antiques boom to the Irish art boom during the Celtic Tiger days:

Irish Times on Teapots of Value


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Relics of Roscommon priest killed in North Korea to be sold. See Irish Times story.

Relics of Roscommon priest killed in North Korea to be sold

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